Shed some (infrared) light on my mac
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Other than the apple remote, what universal remote controls can be used with a Mac Mini (Intel) and, ideally, XBMC for the mac? I'd like this not to require the current XBMC hack (nifty though it is) that maps multiple presses to the functions of the remote.
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A quick google found me this:

Where the first couple of comments indicate that Logitech may be a good starting point.
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Logitech Harmony. Seriously these things will control everything. That coupled with XBMC's universal remote feature you should be able to anything.
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you should be able to do anything.
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Response by poster: That sounds plausible, I just had some concern about the issues the mac XBMC port seems to be having with support for other remotes; it's not clear from what I've read that the app will work with that remote specifically on a mac.

Any experiences with that? Hell, it's a free download... does anyone _have_ a harmony that they could test it with?
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