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Where can I get fashionable, sharp-looking clothing in New York City?

I've just gotten my first executive job, and I suddenly am not allowed to wear Misfits tees and Chucks to work anymore. I have to wear a suit and tie every day, nice shoes, and look sharp. It's hard.

I love vests/3-piece suits, looking for a suit/dress clothing that's slim fit, not very stodgy, something kind of cool, too. I realize that's a subjective word.

I found Varvatos to be WILDLY outside my price range and H&M to make stuff that's too small for my 6'2" frame.

Do you MeFites have any hints/help? I know this is supposed to be fashion ground zero, just don't know where to find good deals on good stuff.

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Hugo Boss.
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Macy's. Huge range of styles, including designer labels, and enough staff that someone should be able to help you out. Also, they range from cheapish to expensive, so if you're picking up several things, you could spring for one outfit that's a little above your price range [without having to go to multiple stores].

They have pretty good sales, too, although be careful about the excluded brands. If you can hold off until memorial day there's sure to be a good one.
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Ted Baker.
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I second Hugo Boss. Try Rothman's in Union Square. And also take a look at Brooke's Brother stores. Look for suits that are French or Italian cut - they can be slimer fit (though that's not guarantee - I have a few Italian suits that needed/need a lot of work done to them. argh).

Also, get a good tailor. Any suit you're gonna get, you're gonna need tailored. Find a good one and take all your suits to them and get them altered.

I'd avoid any of the discount suit places like Porta Bella or ones that you find on the fringes of the city - they're more suited to bigger, larger people rather than slim fit folks. (I know this from experience)
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Men's Wearhouse. (store locator: four locations in NYC)
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Zara. They're only a bit more expensive than H&M, but a lot better in quality. Plus, they tend to make more fashionable suits than a place like Men's Wearhouse or Macy's.
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i second zara. also don't forget about loehmann's -- they have the back room where you can get designer clothing for pennies on the dollar. plus - i'd guess that for a 6'2" frame you'd have good selections among the picks. best of luck!
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Unless you want to be constantly on the lookout for sales, drive/take the bus to Woodbury Commons upstate. There's a Barney's outlet (they usually have a lot of Varvatos there), a Saks outlet, Theory, etc. Will definitely hurt your wallet less there.

Also, might be worth it to swing by Century 21 downtown. But it has been in decline the past few years, definitely a crapshoot.
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oops.. i assumed you were a woman! the back room is women's clothes so forget that - and now that i think of it im not sure i've seen men's at zaras.

your could try daffy's though - they carry a larger men's section and designer as well.
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Nthing Hugo Boss, or Zara for cheaper stuff.
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Yup, Zara has it for good fashionably cut menswear in New York that looks way more expensive than it is. Being a Spanish chain you get the IMHO better looking European cuts too.
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A friend who is 6'1" and slim swears by the men's section of Daffy's. And as he is the sharpest dresser I know, I recommend it as well.

Also seconding Ted Baker. He's pricey, but hold fairly regular sample sales. I'd make it a point to go and try his stuff.
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In these threads I always recommend Ina Men, a great couture consignment store in Nolita. I have Varvatos and Prada suits that I got there for less than half price.
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These guys will be in NYC in june. Have a custom made suit for the price of a off0-the peg. I like mine!
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Have you ever been to 99X? I am not sure if you're into the Mod look, but they have some really stylish men's suits by Fred Perry and Merc. They are fitted, and IMO look great on tall men. If you're wearing Misfits shirts and chucks prior, this may be more your style. Just a shot in the dark!
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