Where can I buy balloon animal balloons in St. Louis, MO?
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Where can I buy balloon animal balloons in St. Louis, MO? My pregnant wife wants me to make her balloon animals for Mother's Day.
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I would think that most any balloon shop should have tube-shaped balloons for sale or at least know where you can get them, or have they not been helpful?
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They are available at many toy and novelty stores, but you might be better to contact a local magic shop. I'm sure you have a couple in the area. The magic shops carry professional quality balloons, but you might have to buy more than you want.
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I often see balloon animal kits, with instructions, balloons, and air pumps, at chain bookstores like Borders. If one is convenient it might be worth checking.
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Man, pregnant women are weird.
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Google search balloon animal artists St. Louis. A few I hit right away:



I'm sure they'd love to make a quick buck and make you something.
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Advice I think I found here: don't make animals on request--have her guess what you made, and if she's "right," give it to her.
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I bet Spicer's 5 & 10 in Ladue has 'em. I'd be surprised if they didn't. Otherwise, somewhere like Party City—there's one in Olivette, I know, and used to be one (or something similar) in North County just south of 270 at New Halls Ferry (the "Central City" area). Those are a couple places to try.
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Oh, and if you go to the Loop tomorrow for lunch of something, who knows—you might run into one of the weird clowns who hang around near Fitz's and make people balloon animals. There's a whole group of women who dress like clowns and do balloon animals there just about every weekend for some reason or another.
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Dollar store.
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