Where can I get the best deal on a VPS or Ded Server?
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I need to find a cheap VPS or Ded Server to use as a torrent seed box (running torrent flux). Preferably a 100mb/s. Can anyone recommend a good provider? Also, if I got one could I drop my webhosting accounts and host all my websites on it? Thanks for the help!
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Best answer: I've been *very* happy with Futurehosting. They'll give you a CentOS machine image in about 30 minutes and you get a lot of bandwidth ... I've never even come close to my limit.

Just make sure you're not seeding copyrighted material, of course.
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Best answer: Amazon s3 supports bittorrent too and may be worth considering.
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Best answer: My friend has been very happy with slicehost.com, assuming you can administer Linux.
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How much storage and bandwidth do you need? I don't think you'll find more than 20GB of disk with any cheap plan.
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Response by poster: All marked as best answer since they are all good, and very similar. *specialk - thx for the heads on copyrighted material but Im only seeding stuff I've written, so no worries about that.
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Linode (got two of them myself).
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FDC Servers is a pretty well-known name when it comes to big-bandwidth stuff for cheap. Haven't been hosted with them in about 5 years, so I can hardly recommend (or recommend against) them, just throwing the name into the pile.

BTW, not just copyright issues, but make sure to read the Acceptable Use Policy of wherever you're hosting, or just explicitly ask if seeding legitimate torrents is permitted. I've heard of places that've just done blanket blocks on the protocol.
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Linode ftw
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Another vote for Futurehosting. I must have been with them for almost a year now and things have been running smoothly without a hitch.
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If you're only seeding your own content S3's bittorrent support looks even more attractive. Every object uploaded to S3 is available through bittorrent simply by adding ?torrent to the end of the url. At $0.10 per every gigabyte you upload to S3 and $0.15 per GB-Month of storage used, I'd be surprised if dedicated hosting is cheaper, and I doubt you'll find anywhere with better bandwidth than Amazon.
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