Backing up Multiple Computers to One Hard Drive
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Are there any issues with backing up multiple computers to one external hard drive? And which drives come with simple, one touch backup software?

I'm thinking about something in the 500 gig range, just so we've got a little flexibility, but I could probably make do with 250.

And I'd like software that just scans my computer for changes and makes updates to the backup.

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Look into Maxtor's One Touch. I got a 1.5 TB version but I'm guessing the software is similar for a smaller size, and I have 3 different computers backed up on mine - super easy interface.
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I keep three different computers backed up. I just have three folders, call them Able, Baker, and Charlie, corresponding to each computer.

The easiest backup software that does incremental backups after the first full backup is Backup Magic.
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I use the Maxtor 1 touch for multiple computers, works great. The only issue you might have is if you are trying to auto Sync files between multiple computers with different OS, but it's certainly not a deal breaker
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I have a 500gb Seagate FreeAgent Pro and use the out of the box software to sync both an XP Pro and a Vista Ultimate computer. Doesn't allow for networked backups, but I just move the cable back and forth every few days and it does its thing.
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