Buying a nicely-made desktop tickler file system
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I am looking for a desktop tickler/pass-forward file system that's really *classy* and well-made from quality materials, not the typical wire-basket-with-manila-folders that most places sell.
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For my home office I have purchased a few things from See Jane Work, which are both classy and well made AND some of them are even eco-friendly! Also just featured on Apartment Therapy, I have four of these, used in conjunction with these, create an office environment that actually makes me HAPPY to file.
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You could put these or other nice folders of your liking into this beautiful leather accordion file. Or build something
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ugh, meant to say, or you could build something with tabbed folders with Levenger's Circa notebook system.
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The See Jane Work stuff is nice, as is the Levenger leather, but I'm thinking more permanent desktop furniture. Probably just have to make something.
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