Show me some mystery objects.
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Are there any good online resources for "Mystery Object" games?

A friend teaches EFL students and once a week takes a quiz with them. We decided that showing mystery objects and asking the students to talk about what they could be would be a good way of making learning fun!!

However I can't find many websites with mystery object pictures, can you help. They could be a random object that people are not sure what it does, or preferably a close up of a well known object.

I can find a lot of "What the hell is this thing?" - especially on AskMe & Flickr. But sites with a collection of different pictures (with answers) would be very handy.
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Try the search term "eyeball benders". This is what Games Magazine calls them, and there seem to be a bunch of good search results for you.
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or, upon re-reading the question, maybe that's not quite what you mean by "What the hell is this thing?"
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"Eyeball benders" is indeed what I am after. Thanks jozxyqk. Also after "What the hell is this thing?" though.
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I've always loved the collection at the Powerhouse Museum for moments of, "what is that thing?"
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Neatorama does this a lot as a contest - I just went there and searched for "What Is It?" to get back a list of about 60 of them. Apparently they're all taken from a site called (natch) What Is It, which has even more such objects - but personally I prefer the ones on Neatorama because the accompanying posts there are usually updated to give you the answer to what the danged things are, once the contest is over ...
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