Lady seeks stylish portable sewing box
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Help me find an excellent sewing box.

I'm looking for something portable (bonus points for a handle), fairly large, that doesn't look like it belongs to somebody's grandma (e.g. flowery, cushiony, wicker-y, or with little bears on it).

Modern is preferable to old fashionedy, but either way there should be lots of little drawers and things. Ideally there might be some way of also storing fabric scraps and whatnot.

Something like a tackle box might be okay, but it would be nice if it looked more like something you could have in your living room.

I've tried searching ebay and crafty sites, but keep running into the grandma problem.
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Check out apothecary boxes and cabinets. You might sacrifice portability for awesome looks, but it might be worth it to have a nice piece of furniture that also made for good storage.
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Googling for "modern" gives at least one option. Also flickr.
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How about the Butler Bag? Clearly, no drawers - but tres portable!
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I got a bunch of cigar boxes and put labels on them. Not so modern-stylish, but shabby-stylish.
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If you know someone who is a wood worker, this sewing box is pretty dang nice.
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Have you tried Ebay? I see decent ones on there from time to time.
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Best answer: Could you get a tackle box and then cover it with nice fabric/wallpaper/stickers/decoupage? The compartments of tackle boxes are so damned convenient and appropriate for a sewing box.
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