Literature sites in spanish?
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Do you know any good sites in Spanish about literature, preferably with an emphasis on classic books or writers? Sites about both international and Spanish/Latin American literature are welcome.

After recently reading a couple of book reviews in Spanish, I decided to do it more often. Being familiar with some of the books or writers discussed enhances my enjoyment, hence the "classic books" part, but I'd like to know your favorite contemporary literature/reviews/criticism site too.

Searching past questions tagged with Spanish gave me (and el chiste del caballo verde, but that's another story).
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No soy lector habitual de estas páginas, pero parecen interesantes....
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Y una lista de cuadernos de bitácora relacionados con la literatura:

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Have a trawl through some of these sites also, if your starting point is a particular author, book or poem you may find a link here to interest you.
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One of the best newspapers in the world right now is, I think, the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

They have a weekly literature supplement Babelia which is fantastic. And their regular columnists/reviwers include writers like Enrique Vila-Matas!
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Este es quizás el mejor blog literario en Castellano:
Moleskine Literario

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The Barcelona Review doesn't necessarily deal only with Spanish writers but is an excellent source nonetheless.
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Response by poster: Todas las respuestas aquí me parecen muy útil, ¡gracias a todos!

Thanks for the answers, they all seem to be quite useful! It's funny how I never noticed Babelia, even though El Pais is my homepage.
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