An Ill Volvo
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Los Angeles Volvo Filter: Does anyone know of an auto shop that specializes in Volvo service?

I am looking specifically in the Silver Lake/Los Feliz area. However, I would be willing to travel outside that area for somewhere decent.

My '96 850 GLT needs a tune up and some new brakes!
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On the off chance that you don't recieve any suggestions, check out the forums at volvospeed. They have an entire section (you may need to register to see it) containing reviews about various shops and dealerships. Turbobricks might have something similar, but VS is more focused on "newer" Vovlos. Good luck. I was so happy to find a good shop after looking for a long time.
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I have had great luck using the Mechanic Files on the CarTalk website. Customers write in their favorite mechanic and rate them. You can choose which make you want when searching. Pretty helpful.
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My wife used to take her Saab to Two Guys from Sweden:

11305 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 575-1954

They do Volvo work too and were honest and reliable.
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Beverly Hills Volvo Repair is pretty good, although they're on La Brea in West Hollywood, not Beverly Hills.

But Two Guys from Sweden are also great.

To be honest, I've never run into a Volvo specialty xhop that has been less than stellar.
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Dig around the forums at SwedeSpeed and you'll find plenty of recommendations for your area and particular Volvo model:
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Response by poster: WickedPissah, that website is really awesome. I found some mechanics nearby that I am thinking about checking out. Thanks for your help everyone!
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My friend did a cross country trip in a Volvo P1800E, and needed a mechanic. He wrote in his story of the trip:

Adam: Shameless Plug: If you're in the LA area and are looking for a mechanic who knows the 1800 like the back of his hand, go see Chris at the Swedish Car Center. He'll treat you right, and I can almost guarantee his knowledge will impress you.

Paul: Almost? What is this with the almost? I unequivocally guarantee it! Chris Carlsson can be reached at his hall of wonders in Venice, CA at: (310) 399-7448. Because of the miraculous extent of his expertise with all things 1800, I have taken to referring to him as Volv-Odin, the God of Swedish Cars....

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PiggybackFilter: Does anyone know of a place like this to take a 240 in or near Jersey City, NJ?
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