What is a good multiuser password solution?
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What is a good multiuser password database?

At work we have a password problem. Tons of web site control panels, web based email accounts, and passwords for in house things, with tons of people wanting access. Currently, we sort of let each sub group in our organization take care of their own stuff, but things are getting out of hand.

Therefore, I want to put a multiuser password database into place so we can control who can see what, and who can enter new passwords. The ideal solution:

-Supports multiuser with permissions based access
-Integrates with active directory
-Has a web interface
-Has a highly encrypted database
-Logs all access for review
-Is delicious

It's okay if there isn't anything that can do all that, but true multiuser support is very high on my list of things I'm looking for. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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MICROS~1 Active Directory is an LDAP server, yesno? That seems like the perfect place, an LDAP server.

I'm sure there are dozens of web interfaces for LDAP servers. Some will even cost money.

Additional LDAP configuration is the only tricky part. You need an LDAP expert to set up hierarchical permissions.
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We've used Cyber-Ark. Our team doesn't use it specifically because it doesn't handle accessing passwords without any internet connection terribly well.
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cmiller, I can't quite follow your train of thought. What exactly are you suggesting?
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LDAP already has the facility for most of what you mentioned. You just need a web interface to show it to people, and to have someone configure it.
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That's a little hazy on details, to say the least. Have you had specific experience using Active Directory as a data store for information not specifically handled by the standard Microsoft tools? If so, please post some more information about it.
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