Where have you gone, Larry Harvey
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BurningManFilter, sorta...I swear that I once read a fairly lengthy lecture or essay by Larry Harvey (founder of Burning Man) specifically about the community aspects of Burning Man. And...

... how anti-community most urban development in North America winds up being. That theme is touched on a lot in the Burning Man literature, but I swear this was a whole big thing just about that one topic. I've looked at the essays/lectures links on the Burning Man site, and Wikipedia, and it ain't there. Is this ringing a bell for anyone?
Thanks a lot!
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I'm gonna guess this was the "Viva Las Xmas" talk. Some other talks can be found here.
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Whoops, missed the more inside saying you'd probably looked at these. I cited Viva Las Xmas since it's one of the most frequently referenced talks he's made . . . any other hints? The notion that the "default world" is anti-community is a pretty standard part of Harvey's talks.
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Response by poster: I don't think that's the one, but thanks anyway! That one's an excellent read. Larry Harvey is smrt!
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