Where can I find pictures of pretty objects?
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I really like looking at pictures of beautiful/clever/interesting products. What are some frequently updated blogs that feature good pictures of really cool stuff? I'm talking about pictures of clothing, gadgets, prints, handmade goods, kitchen implements...pictures of almost anything tangible, and the featured items don't have to be for sale.

I like making things and I frequently find inspiration by looking at stuff that other people have made. Plus, for some reason I find joy in looking at well designed things.

I already visit a few sites that scratch my product design itch, but I'm always looking for more. A few of my favorites are:

Grain Edit
Readymade Blog
Dress A Day
Etsy (although I would love to see any blogs that attempt to distill the best of Etsy)
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Best answer: Design*Sponge?
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Two of my favorites:

Trendir - product design, specifically for interior design products

inhabitat - green design, mostly architectural
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Best-of-etsy-type blog here - I love looking at all of the pretty things!
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Best answer: the link didn't work! ok - second attempt at the pretty blog.
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Best answer: Crib Candy and Cool Tools. Lovely stuff.
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Mighty Goods.
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Cool Hunting
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On preview, grateful beat me to it.

Uncrate is another decent one.
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Best answer: Swissmiss is pretty good for that kind of thing, but there's a fair amount of stuff that doesn't match what you've described as well (all still interesting...).

Joey Roth mostly blogs about his own things, and they might not be quite the type of product-design you're after, but they're very cool.
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Best answer: I think you would get a lot of inspiration from Not Martha.
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Best answer: oh my that's awesome, outblush, making it lovely,
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Better Living Through Design.
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Not so beautiful, maybe creative, but ... well really strange ... at Strange New Products.
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The stuff at Popgadget isn't (usually) handmade, but there are tons of clever, interesting, well-designed gadgets--very cool.
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thisNext is more focused on things you can buy (and some stuff is high end) but is constantly updating and fun to browse through.
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The Carrotbox is like a ring box full of candy.
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Dooce posts a Daily Style picture, of various objects she finds attractive.
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Modish is mostly jewelry, clothes, and prints. Updated once or twice a day.
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Lots of interesting objects here.
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Seconding Uncrate for a good mix of technology, clothing, and everything else [it's "The Buyer's Guide for Men", partnering with the previously-mentioned Outblush with stuff for the ladies (their stereotypes, not mine).

My other faves that oo one's mentioned yet: gizmodo for gadgets or Boing Boing -- "A directory of wonderful things". Also, Treehugger is always good for a few enviro-friendly design posts.
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This might work for you: the die line . com
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Cool Tools has a couple of clever products and gadgets.
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Yes, Dooce.
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Seconding Coolhunter.

And NotMartha frequently lists products, crafts, and other interesting things on her blog.
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Supermarket is like a high-end Etsy.
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Flickr search for "pretty"
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Best answer: Here's the contents of my google reader folder that's this sort of thing:
Browner Brown
all over print
SF girl by bay
fine little day
midcentury modernist
emma's design blogg
more ways to waste time
and, possibly most appropriately,
etsy pick of the day.
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(etsy pick of the day is on hiatus, but there's a good backlog there, by the bye.)
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Both have been mentioned, but someone should point out that Cool Hunting and The Cool Hunter are distinct and AFAIK unrelated sites.

The Cool Hunter is slickly commerical and not terribly informative, and the things showcased there are utterly irrelevant to my life. But the photos there are sometimes amazing.
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Best answer: I rather fancy Oh Joy! and Creature Comforts.
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Response by poster: I found one more, the lovely print & pattern.
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