What are my options for granular goal tracking websites?
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What are my options for granular goal tracking websites?

I am considering starting some kind of personal path to productivity, and would like a website to help me judge my progress. My problem is that websites like 43things and rememberthemilk don't seem to do quite what I want. One of my goals is to floss daily. I'd like some way to record my progress, and see statistics (like, what percentage of days I flossed). This is just one example, but lots of the goals I'm thinking of have milestones between "completed" and "giving up". And many of them are not explicit tasks that would go on a todo list.

Any suggestions for websites I should check out? I enjoy the interfaces of 43things and rememberthemilk, I'd just like more powerful tools.
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Response by poster: This is the sort of thing I'm looking for! Any other sites in this vein would definitely be welcome for compare/contrast purposes.
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Joe's Goals is the best, I think. Don't Break The Chain also tracks daily habits.
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