Can anyone remember this video from my horrible description?
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I'm looking for an online video that I've seen within the last couple of years of a one man show by a British comedian that covered the reasons why America invaded Iraq and the history leading up to it.

My memory of this video is very fuzzy, but I remember that he talked about the history of Iraq and western involvement in the country leading down to the present times. He then ultimately made the connection of Iraq getting rid of using the dollar for its oil sales as the reason for the invasion. For some reason I remember him looking very old Vaudeville in hat and tie. He possibly showed up on a bicycle at the start of the video and did the show on a wooden stage with red drapes behind him. He also at one point did a routine of where Bush was beating up Saddam and China showed up looking all tough and wondering what was going on around here? Sorry that yes, my memory is really that vague about this video, but a recent discussion about the Iraq war with a coworker jarred this show from my memory...and it has been killing me to try and track it down to watch again ever since.
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Best answer:
the history of oil 45 minutes, comedy

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Best answer: Lundman beat me to it but that definitely sounds like Robert Newman's History of Oil

You can buy a DVD of the show from his website.

It's also on youtube.... start here.
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Problem solved. I'm chiming in with applause for the show. Robert Newman rocks my intellectual comedy world.
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Response by poster: Yes lundman had it! Can't say thanks enough for helping me find this great video again!
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