Fix my brain: CBT in Cambridge, MA?
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Cognitive behavioral therapist in Cambridge/Somerville/Boston, MA - for a geeky/creative sort?

Hey all. Can you recommend a cognitive behavioral therapist in Cambridge, MA? I'm willing to schlep over to Somerville/Boston but would prefer something in the Central/Harvard/Inman area. I'm a geeky type and a writer by trade, if that sort of information is germane to choosing a headshrinker, and - for better or worse - would respond a lot better to a male therapist.

Thanks much in advance, folks.
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I'd recommend Thomas Sweetland - not sure how to contact him, though. He was adjunct faculty (and taught CBT) at Simmons College of Social Work when I was attending their grad program in 2004-2006 (I took his class in 2005). I searched quickly online to see if he has contact info there, but the Simmons server is down (typical). You might try him here: If he doesn't have a private practive, he could no doubt give you a solid recommendation.
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