Silly "motivational" video to send to a friend?
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Looking for a cute, silly, tongue-in-cheek motivational "go get 'em!" video to send to a friend about to make one of the biggest presentations of his life.

I'm hoping for something a little silly, corny, and/or cute, but not too sappy or serious. I'm trying to give him a momentary reprise from the stress of his preparations and give him a little boost. Ideally his response will be to laugh, and to even maybe feel a little rush of extra energy to sort of to kick start his momentum leading into the presentation.

Maybe a silly/funny song or music video, like a school-house-rock type thing, or SNL, or a video of an kid or an animal accomplishing something that is a really big deal for them but is funny to us. (like, a child throwing a ball and being extremely happy with what they just did, smiling and clapping for themselves. or, a child blowing out all the candles on their cake and then looking surprised with themselves. i don't know where I'd find videos like this, but these sort of describe the feeling I'm aiming for.)

By no means do I mean for my suggestions to be restrictive; it's just the best way to describe what I'm trying to find... Any ideas? Thanks in advance. :)
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You're a Winner!
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Oops, my link is supposed to go here.
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How about this quintessential, yet totally bizarre 80s ad: You're a coffee achiever!
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This Starbucks cheering section ad is the first thing I thought of when I read your post, and it even features a guy going in to do a presentation. The mascot at the end cracks me up.
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Simply the Best
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Adventure Time! It's a little long at 7 minutes, but I've never failed to see anyone laugh at it.
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Maybe a coach's speech from a sports movie? I know, for example, Al Pacino gives a big one in Any Given Sunday (might be on Youtube).
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