Puppy Power Outage
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Help! My puppy just bit through my Apple MagSafe cord and now it doesn't work. I don't want to give Apple another $80. Has any MeFite (or anyone else) successfully spliced one back together?
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With a roll of electrician's tape this should be a snap. Make a clean cut, strip back the wires, splice (solder if you are anal) tape and be done. Heat shrink tubing, in white preferably, would be even better, but I don't know if it comes in white.
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There's really nothing to a MagSafe cord - the two conductors just carry plain old DC (more info). Splice them together properly as caddis describes and you're all set.
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Yes. I have successfully spliced one back together with electrical tape, exactly like caddis said.

(A coworker of mine had a cat who loved to eat the magsafe cords.)
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Heatshrink does come in all colors (well, white won't be the same shiny white as the cord, but it'll be whitish).
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If you don't want to splice it together, Apple will probably replace it, especially if it is relatively new. I managed to sever my power cord a few months ago and despite it being totally and completely my fault, they gave me a new one. (Cord was ~8 mo old)
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