Dallas gym with a Treadclimber?
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TexasFilter: Can you recommend a gym in Dallas that has a Treadclimber?

I'm looking for a gym in Dallas that has a Treadclimber--I used one over Christmas and loved it, but my gym doesn't have one. Preferably, the gym would be close to Oaklawn.
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Have you tried calling your local gyms?
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My 24 hour fitness has it at Casa Linda; I'd expect since it's a chain they would have it at other locations.

There is a location on Harwood in downtown Dallas and another one on Luther Lane (literally a block from my office) in Highland Park; these locations pretty much bookend Oak Lawn area.
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The Texas Club downtown had one when I was a member.
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Second 24 Hour, there are several at the Beltline & Tollway location.
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