How do I best submit my short film to as many festivals as possible?
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A comprehensive short-film festival submission calender: Does such a thing exist?

I am in post production on a non-verbal short film. It could be considered a dance film (it involves dancers), an experimental film (in involves a woman going through a series of effect-driven physical transformations, breaking apart into many people and then coming back, whole and powerful) or a music video (it is the length of a song and the song is amazing) but I consider it to be a non-verbal dramatic narrative short about becoming who you are. It could be considered to be the story of any immigrant, anyone who has gone through adolescence or experienced a spiritual/physical transformation.

It is the best thing I have ever made in terms of production values and I want to submit it to all the festivals I can. It is the type of film that may garner awards in the right forums. Is there a resource - a website, perhaps - that lists all the festivals looking for short content and their deadlines?

I would also be interested if anyone has any tips as to how I could seek out international distribution. The lyrics of the song are not in English or French (Portuguese, in fact), though the production is based in Canada. You don't need to understand the words in order to get the meaning of the piece. What that means to me is that this film has global distribution potential.

posted by Elle Vator to Media & Arts (1 answer total) 1 user marked this as a favorite handles a great deal of the festivals out there, and will customize emails to you about new ones for which your film qualifies.
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