Should I renew my Barron's subscription?
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Please suggest publications or online resources you like for the purpose of monitoring the direction of financial markets.

I like to know which way the financial winds are blowing, for various reasons including adjustments to my 401K asset allocations (in smallish, conservative steps, nothing rash). I've been subscribing to Barron's for a few years and find it a decent guide to what's going on in financial markets.

However, before I renew (it's pricey: $179 for 52 issues) -- which other financial publications or online resources do you recommend? (Again, specifically to monitor the drift of how various investment options are performing, and where they might be headed in the months ahead.)
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The Big Picture hands down. Subscribe to his market newsletter for specific calls; they've largely been great since last summer.
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I find Barrons Online to be the best around. I know that is a frustrating answer considering the price, but they have the best sources and the best commentators. Now the actual print subscription wasn't that great for me as it always showed up on Monday when the info from the Sunday printing is stale, but their online version is very timely.
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