Best and cheapest storage in the San Fernando Valley?
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Downsizing -- wife left me -- and moving to Woodland Hills, California (CA). I need storage. Help?

I'm moving into a two-bedroom apartment with my old college roommate, whose marriage fell apart just as mine did.

I'm looking for inexpensive storage in Woodland Hills. I've Googled, but an insider would know better.

I'm a bookseller, and my inventory is not going to fit in the new apartment. I'm looking for, essentially, warehouse space.

One of those drive-up carport types would probably be best. A room in a big building would be second-best. One of the "palletized" ones where they bring your stuff down for you to look at is a no-go, as I'll want to retrieve items several times per week.

I'm looking for at least a 10'x10' area, and I'd like to spend less than $170/mo for it.

For bonus points, one within walking (or biking) distance from Topanga Canyon and Vanowen (or just southeast of that) would be wonderful!
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Thank you to the clever long-distance (?) commentator. Ten points!

Any locals with horror (or joy) stories?
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