'm a photographer looking for a scrapbooking/note-taking software for OSX.
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I'm a photographer looking for a scrapbooking/note-taking software for OSX. I visit alot of photographers' sites and study their photos and would like a software in which i can easily copy and paste the image and tack notes on the pictures for review later. I've been using word processor but it's too unorganized and inconvenient.
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Believe it or not, MS OneNote would be perfect for this.
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Would the ScrapBook FireFox browser extension help you? It seems highly rated. Obviously it would require you do your research using FireFox. You can do a "Capture Page As" and you'll get an opportunity to add comments to what is cached.
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I use Journler to do this very thing with pathology slides in medical school.
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You can save the picture as a file(just drag from browser to desktop) and then add comments to the metadata of the file. Just hit apple/i or right click get info. There is also an automator action that lets you quickly add comments to the files metadata. Then store the files however you like. The comments would also be spotlightable.

Another option would be to use iphoto and add comments to each photo in the description window. This would let you leverage iphotos ability to organize photos. I also believe the descriptions are spotlightable,

As a side note, a quick way of grabbing an image from a site that say uses a flash interface is to take a screenshot of it. Use the shortcut apple/shift/4 and you will be giver a cross-hair which you can use to select the photo needed.(holding down the spacebar lets you position your selection perfectly)
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Also worth of mention is Zotero for Firefox. While it is primarily deigned to create bibliographic references, it also allows to copy an image, and add a description.
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I use Evernote for exactly this on my Mac. You can access it through a web-based interface or using a desktop client, and can sync between the two.

Their blog and forum also have some good ideas on how to use it for lots of other cool and useful things.

It's currently in an invite-only beta, but if it looks like you want to try it, drop me a MeFi mail and I can send an invite your way.
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Zotero is really useful for this web-centric research type work, and it's free, open source and integrated with Firefox. Also version 1.5 will be out soonish, which when Firefox 3 comes out will result in significant speed improvements.
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I use Yojimbo from BareBones software for these kinds of things. It's backed on a SQLite database and it's great for tagging, notes, and data of lots of different types.
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Thirding Zotero + Firefox. Zotero has both the features you need: the ability to take a snapshot of a web page (viewable when you're offline, even) and the ability to create notes and associate them with pages.
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I use the software Yep for this (and keeping track of scanned tearsheets). You can make a bookmarklet that lets you save any page as a PDF which you can then tag and writes notes on in the software.

I should probably try Evernote, I keep hearing good things about it.
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