Undelete a T-Mobile voicemail?
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Asking for a friend: Is there a way to recover a month-old voicemail message on T-Mobile?

This is on a BlackBerry.

My friend hung up without actively doing anything to the voicemail while it was playing (i.e. didn't hit 7 to delete or 9 to save), and now when she calls to check her voicemail, it is no longer there. It's an important family message.

Maybe the NSA has an archive of it somewhere?

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im gonna guess there is no way to recover that message - at the very least without getting T-mobile customer service involved.

whay hasnt your friend contacted t-mobile? its easy to reach someone, and if anyone can help, they can.
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Not just customer service, but some level of Tech Support.

I'm pretty sure you CAN undelete it; I read something recently about someone who wanted to undelete some sentimental-value voice mails (a recently departed relative, I think), and with some work with the carrier's tech team, it was done. Can't recall the carrier, though.

In theory, the NSA can't help, because supposedly, T-Mobile wasn't involved in the warrantless wiretapping shenanigans. At least based on the information we have so far. But that's enough for me to justify continuing to use my unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile and boycotting AT&T.
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Thanks. Yeah, this involves recently-departed relative. She already tried calling customer service, but maybe tech support can help.
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Your best bet is to escalate to the executive level. Try finding your local executive (look for a title like Regional President) and contact them via phone, email, or letter.

Your low level customer service lackey for T-Mobile will not be able to help even if they wanted to but an executive escalations team can do this if their voicemail platform is set to store messages after the end user deletes them.
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Followup: she was not able to retrieve the voicemail.

Thanks for the help, everyone!
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