Where do you guys like to go latin/salsa dancing in NYC?
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LatinDancingFilter: Where do any of y'all go salsa/latin dancing in NYC?

I am no pro but I do know a few moves, been out a bunch - just not in NY. I know my basic salsa, cha cha, rumba, samba! Looking for stuff Friday or Saturday, visiting from out of town. I know there's a bunch of online resources I can look at (I'm already looking) but just in case any of you guys already know a place you like a lot, I'd love to know what/where exactly that is.

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I like this place called Sofritos on 57 and 1st...there's another one called G&Gs in the village but dance on one and cater to everyone from newbies to advanced.....mambonyc.com is also a good place to check out places as they show you videos of how the action looks.
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Sounds of Brazil (SOB's) is pretty much the default for this.
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