How to use google maps API to create new functions?
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How would one go about creating new functionality with google maps API?(eg. create a button that controls the zoom interface in order to with the click of one button zooms out then zooms in a new location at some preset speed, or perhaps flies you to several locations with one button click)

Im more a scripter than a programmer and am especially interested if there is already some sort of open source library of tools that have been built for this kind of idea.

Im not sure how intense such a project would be if doing it from scratch and what combination of tools would be optimal. Im also not sure if there are any legal points to consider when hacking API?
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Best answer: Google's API is pretty good without hacking. You should browse their examples. I think the pieces you need to do your example (click a custom button, zooms out, zooms in somewhere else) are all in those examples. Specifically animate and custom controls.

If that isn't enough for you, PdMarker is a third party extension that might either give what you want or give you some clues how to write something yourself.
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Response by poster: thanks for the links.

If the links you show is not considered "hacking" i am wondering what is?
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