iPod wallet?
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Can you recommend a billfold-style case for an iPod touch that can also hold a few bills and credit cards and will fit in my front pocket?
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I was looking for one of these earlier myself. This one at Amazon.com has been getting great reviews. I would personally prefer one that opened horizontally, and it looks like this one here has promise with a pretty cool additional feature.
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I've got the DLO one that fusinkski links to and it's been perfect. Simple, sleek, looks good, and you feel like an FBI agent flashing a badge when you flip it open. There are little magnets that keep the flap locked in place when closed. I assume they don't erase your data.

I don't use it as a wallet but it's got a pocket on the inside flap where you could stash some cash and a couple cards, probably. It's got a clip on the back, too, if you're into that sort of thing.
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