How to avoid the tourist/waiter look?
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O Hive Mind, point me to a fanny pack/belt bag/handsfree totage system that doesn't suck.

Yeah, I know, the phrase 'fanny pack' is pretty irredeemable, and the last time I saw a 'belt bag' it was being sold at a Renaissance Faire ... however, I just spent a week in Budapest, and saw several locals walking around with some manner of fanny pack/belt bag type system that never seemed to be offensive, and occasionally somewhat stylish (the tourists, of course, were another story). I'd love to find something like this for short jaunts/longer walking trips, but my Hungarian is abysmal and all my Googling has failed me. Perhaps I don't know the right phrase to look for?
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I suggested this,, previously.

Maybe too geeky?

ps... from that link to civilian lab you have to click on products and then enter gear lab.
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Well, I haven't seen any fanny pack type things I felt comfortable wearing ... the civilian lab stuff is intriguing, but a little too geeky for me personally.

Eagle Creek has some small bags that go over your shoulder or across the chest and are small enough not to get in the way too much.

Personally, I prefer clothes with pockets -- safari-style photographer's jacket / vest or cargo pants are good.
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Here's a "hip bag" that doesn't look like it's full of Power Bars or disposable cameras. I think if you Google "hip" or "waist" you might get better results.

I prefer the looks and convenience of a bag worn across the chest, though, like this one, but that's just me. I guess it depends which you think is less lame: man-purses or fanny packs.
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Maybe try searching on "lumbar pack"? I always think the packs designed for/by hikers look less dorky than the tourist-style ones. North Face has some which are probably more functional and comfortable than the typical fanny pack.

(also: there's a funny line in the original "Office" series where Keith is discussing fanny packs... well it's funny if you know what fanny means in the UK)
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Seconding North Face and raising you Mountainsmith.
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Some classy looking products fall under the category of belt pouches. Acton Treadway has some interesting products in their Spring 2007 line.

Urban Tool has a wide variety of interesting pouch designs.

Here is a similar product offered at thinkgeek.

Bagaboo is a very well regarded messenger bag company out of Hungary. They offer custom hip pouches.

The American messenger bag maker, REload offers a similar item.
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Le sport sac has some cute ones.
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This thing wins as far as coolness goes.
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Roots ( waist packs, click here for that section. LOVE them!

Would actually go so far as to say they make waist packs look chic. I'll also be reviewing a new waist pack on the market by another company as soon as it arrives in the mail. But Roots for fashion and function, absolutely.
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