Help my brain!
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I need a recommendation for either a psychiatrist or psychologist in NYC. Help my brain!

Please help with some referrals for a mental health professional in NYC. I have a fairly typical set of disorders including depression, anxiety, social anxiety, fear of failure, perfectionism, and probably some sort of ADD. Ideally I would like to see someone who doesn't push the pills and focuses more on cognitive behavioral therapy and homework assignments. I am stricken with paralysis when it comes to "doing" anything, and as most of you know, life requires a lot of doing. Anywho, it would be helpful if the therapy focused on putting a little more motion into my life. Oh, and I have Empire Blue Cross if that matters.

I've done pure talk therapy before, and it was a great success. NOT!

If you'd like to post privately, please email me at

thanks guys!
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I don't have a specific recommendation, not living in NYC myself, but you might have some luck checking out Psychology Today's therapist directory.

Each provider gives a description of their techniques and specialties. I think it might also show which insurance they take, but you should check with each provider individually in case something has changed since they posted their profile.

You might also read up on specific providers at, because I've seen some reviews posted there.

I know how helpful therapy can be when it fits your needs (and how unhelpful when it does not), so I hope you find someone who really suits you, even if it takes many attempts to locate that person. Good luck!
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If talk therapy didn't work, then you should not rule out the pills. I used to think they way you do.
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I went to Bridge Back to Life (212-679-4960) a few times and found them helpful. If I feel I need it, I would have no qualms about calling them up and scheduling another appointment.
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I have written to your hotmail address.
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If you are going to need someone who is covered by your insurance, I'd recommend starting on the other end - get a list of therapists covered under your insurance and start calling them. I recently went through the same thing as you and found that many, if not most, therapists in NYC don't take insurance (or don't take your insurance). I know that Empire Blue has a "provider finder" on their website, and you can search by location to find a list of covered therapists close to you. From there, I'd just start calling people and trying someone who sounds competent. I know this isn't ideal (versus getting a personal rec from someone you trust) but it's the only way, really, if you need someone covered by a specific insurance plan. Good luck!
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