Where can I find info about See's chocolates?
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Where on the Web can I find a specific guide to chocolates from See's Candies?

Is there an online resource that provides a specific guide to chocolates from See's Candies? Unfortunately, the company Web site just isn't that helpful -- it's more of a catalog, less informational. I'm envisioning photos of each type of chocolate, along with a description and maybe ingredients.
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Well, having looked for a while now, the best pictorial guide I find is indeed at See's. Their descriptions are minimal, but it may be the best option!
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Maybe you missed it, but if you go to custom mix it has a picture of each chocolate and its ingredients.
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Oops, Ambrosia Voyeur beat me to it. Sorry.
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I bet if you posted specific flavors you were curious about, you'd find mefites to vouch for all of them (and possibly describe them in sumptuous detail)...I'd say I've tried most of what See's has to offer in my 23 years on this earth. I'm not certain they even publish ingredients for specific candies; whenever I've seen a list, it's always a list of all ingredients used to create the box, which is typically pretty meaningless. I guess the reasoning goes as follows: if you have a nut allergy, you should not eat this candy. If you are watching your weight, you should not eat this candy. If you are worried about your dental health and avoid sugar, you should not eat this candy. And so forth.
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For ingredients you should e-mail them. I once asked them which of their candies did not contain corn syrup and they responded the next day.
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Love the Custom Mix page! Thanks, Ambrosia Voyeur! The lack of a description is sad but not fatal; at least it facilitates identifying whatever random piece of chocolate.
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