Can I or someone else repair my Godin Multiac?
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Problem with Godin Multiac Nylon String Synth-access guitar - specifically the RMC pickup.

A mishap (falling off a guitar stand) resulted in the bottom two strings on my Godin Multiac (this guitar) giving severely attenuated signals. I'd like to be able to check whether it's a loose wire or something I can remedy myself, but the access plates on the back don't let me get to the pickup wiring and I can't work out how I might check it. Is there a trick to getting at the pickup electronics on this guitar? Does the bridge come off in a replaceable way at all?

If even that much is beyond me (which is probably the case) does anyone know of someone in the London UK area who has experience with and can repair these guitars? (I got in contact with someone in Manchester a while ago, but nothing came of it. I'd rather it was someone local).

An email to Godin didn't garner a reply, but I didn't think it would.
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I just took a quick look at mine, but don't have any particular suggestions if the access plates don't help (that's a little weird, it seems like the one with the battery in it should be right under the bridge and give you exactly what you're looking for).

You might try asking here:
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