ie7 resizes text automagically
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XHTML+CSS issue: IE7 automatically enlarging text and uncentering stuff.

I am developing a website. It looks fine in all browsers (FF, IE6, Opera and Safari) except IE7:
When I load a page, it bumps up the font size to what looks like "very big", and the main content is no longer centered. If I make any changes to Zoom or Font Size, the font goes back to a normal size and the content is centered again. It stays centered regardless of how small or large I make the text: I can't go back to the uncentered state, except by loading another page. If I reload the same page, it fixes itself.
The page is here and the CSS here. Using IE 7.0.5730.11
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At a quick glace using Ems for font sizes could be your problem, possibly as a result of interacting badly with the pixel fontszie you set in BODY.
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Best answer: To start, your XHTML doesn't validate, it seems there's a stray space before the doctype declaration.

Also, IE7 has issues with the * hack:
* html .container .head .menu1 a
In my experience, it's much better to separate all the IE hacks in different CSS documents and link them with conditional comments (I use one for IE 6 and lower, with all the box model hacks, and one for IE7 if needed).

Hope this helps!
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Response by poster: It was a validation issue, a stray BOM in my templates.
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Whew. Glad to know it's fixed!
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