Anniversary in Ensenada
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Where should I take my partner for our anniversary in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico? We're looking at the two-night packages at Las Rosas, but would like suggested alternatives, preferably smaller and more intimate. Also looking for good spa and massage recommendations. If San Felipe is waaay better, please let me know. I researched it online and it looks like a marina and golf courses for American weekenders, which is sort of what we want to avoid. Oh, we're also interested in a day hike, maybe inland in the mountains.
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Las Rosas is nice (ish), Estrella beach is less nice. We've been five or six times, and have never found anywhere that spectacular. If you're interested in wine, the area around Ensenada is becoming known as a good viticulture region, it's a good time to drinks some wine and learn about the vines prior to it becoming too commercialized.

San Felipe is all retired matching nylon windbreaker RV'ers looking to minimize their cost of living. Then again I haven't been there in almost a decade so it may have changed considerably. The best thing about San Felipe is renting ATV's and bombing around the sand dunes, stopping at small mercado's for a restorative cerveza. It's a considerably longer drive from San Diego, so consider that too.

Have fun.
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I've got only vague memories of Ensenada from when I was a kid, but La Bufadora (I believe that's the right spelling) figures prominently. It's mentioned briefly here:

It's a tidal blowhole on the coast outside Ensenada. May present some fun dayhike alternatives around it, not sure. Very cool though, even for a short day trip.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice! I've been to the Bufadora before, so we will probably check that out. It looks like we will get a room at Las Rosas and taste some wine on our way back to California.
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