OS X 10.3, older fonts, and unusual glyphs.
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OS X 10.3, older fonts, and unusual glyphs [more inside]

I'm using Panther, and I've got a lot of older postscript fonts from at least the System 7 era. These contain a number of "high-ASCII" characters, like =, that I cannot get at under OS X for some reason. The fonts bundled with OS X show the characters and let me type them as before, but in the older fonts, they're somehow off-limits. Typing the appropriate key combination leaves a blank space, and the "character palette" does not show the font as having the character. And yet, for some reason, the character is visible in the "keyboard viewer."

Has anyone encountered this problem? Any ideas on solving it? Thanks in advance.
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My office mate recommends Font Doctor. I haven't had a chance to try it myself.
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