Recommendation for good in-ceiling speakers for my kitchen?
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What are good in-ceiling speakers for under $300/pr?

I'm remodeling my kitchen, and am researching the best value in in-ceiling speakers to pair with my Sonos system. I have a quote for installation of Paradigm CS-60R in-ceiling speakers - the speakers themselves are quoted at $300/pr, not including installation labor, etc.

I'm open to other speaker brands - any suggestions? My kitchen is not that large.

I'm also in the market for some outdoor speakers, I'll have them hooked to a pre-amp. The speakers will be attached to an outside wall overlooking my deck.

Any help on either front is greatly appreciated.
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Klipsch makes a good line of in-ceiling and outdoor speakers. Some of the models fit your price range, such as the R-2650-C.
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