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Trying to make a list of fictional drinks. For instance: Clementine mixxes up a couple of "blue ruins" in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the Silver Jews' song Buckingham Rabbit makes reference to "shattered dogs on the rocks." What other fictional drinks can you think of?

Also, if you're game, what hints are given to the drinks' makeups?

ex: There's definitely whiskey in shattered dogs on the the rocks. And a blue ruin contains (at least) blue sapphire gin and schweppes's tonic.
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Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).
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Obviously, the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. And the Vesper. The latter is easier to make than the former, given the current shortage of that Ol' Janx Spirit.
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Screaming Viking was in a Cheers episode; when Sam returns and they need to keep Woody's job. No idea what's in it, but the question asked is "cucumber bruised?" reply, "slightly."

why i remember this, i cannot say.
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"Fizzy-Lifting Drinks" in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I think there was definitely carbination in those...
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Oh, and the recipe (for the PGGB) is explicitly given in the book:
  1. Take the juice from one bottle of that Ol' Janx Spirit.
  2. Pour into it one measure of water from the seas of Santraginus V.
  3. Allow three cubes of Arcturan Mega-gin to melt into the mixture (it must be properly iced or the benzene is lost).
  4. Allow four litres of Fallian marsh gas to bubble through it.
  5. Over the back of a silver spoon float a measure of Qalactin Hypermint extract.
  6. Drop in the tooth of an Algolian Suntiger.
  7. Sprinkle Zamphuor.
  8. Add an olive.
  9. Drink . . . but . . . very carefully . . .

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There's "the drink they call loneliness" from Billy Joel's Piano Man.
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I think Wikipedia has a list of fictional drinks. Ah, here it is.
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Hitchhikers Guide also had "djinnan tonnyx"
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Chocolatl and tokay (and a few kinds of wine) from the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. And then there's a whole mess of drinks from Star Wars.
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This is a really morbid one.

I can't remember what they call it, but in the Belgian movie Man Bites Dog, they make a drink that's actually named after a French boy who went missing that was a famous case. I think the subtitles just call it a "Little Dead Boy" or something. The movie gives clear instructions how to make it, if I remember it's vodka or gin or something and soda, and they tie an olive to a sugar cube and then wait for the sugar cube to melt so the olive (the "boy") drowns.
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There's always the legendary Mount St. Helen's: Take an Olympia beer and dump an ashtray in it.
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Romulan Ale, Klingon Disruptor and Klingon Bloodwine from Star Trek.
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Only Forward (which is to cyberpunk as Ringworld is to high fantasy) has Jahavan coffee, "each molecule of which is programmed to pelt round the body kicking the shit out of any alcohol molecules it finds."
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Mudder's Milk (Firefly)
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In the game Kingdom of Loathing, you can learn a cocktailcrafting ability that lets you make all sorts of real and fictional cocktails. (eg. The Perpendicular Hula, the Slap and Tickle, the Horizontal Tango, the Ducha de Oro)

And, of course, there's the Flaming Moe. Secret ingredient: cough syrup.
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hmm... i get the sense that what you're looking for here is mixed drinks &, as such, i'm not sure if the following qualify - still, for what it's worth

there's Ambrosia, in both its classical & contemporary varieties

and of course there's Soma (not to be confused with Huxley's variation)

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As far as I have analyzed, there is no pre-Rosemary's Baby mention of a 'vodka blush.' The current recipe, that you will find on internet searches for it, was conjured up by a good authority.
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Milk-plus, from A Clockwork Orange.
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Butter beer from Harry Potter.
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Playwright Stewart Lemoine has some characters at a cocktail party create their own drink in Cocktails at Pam's.
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Chocolatl and tokay (and a few kinds of wine) from the His Dark Materials trilogy

I do not think either drink could be considered fictional. Tokay is a real wine and wine region in Hungary. and Chocolatl is just a variant on xocolātl, the Aztec name for chocolate.

Synthale (Star Trek), which I hope will never become real.
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Moscow-Petushki gives a number of cocktail recipes, such as a 'tear of a komsomol girl.'
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Wikipedia has a list of fictional beverages.
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there's the "piso mojado" (wet floor?) which shows up in both Spook Country by William Gibson and also in the webcomic Achewood (first mention)
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(Yep, "wet floor." It's what it says on the Spanish side of those hey-asshole-we-just-mopped-in-here signs.)
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Soul Coughing used to sing about a "Velvet Crush" - Kool-Aid and gin - in their song "Mr. Bitterness." I don't believe it's a real cocktail, though I suppose you could make one pretty easily.
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From the BFG by Roald Dahl -- frobscottle.
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Siberian Mist from the movie She's So Lovely. The movie was utter dreck, but for some reason the drink stuck in my memory.
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Flaming Moe/Homer (Simpsons) and Olde Fortran and LöBrau (Futurama)

Powerful Religious Baby writes "I think Wikipedia has a list of fictional drinks. Ah, here it is."

We'll have to get in there and update it once this thread has run it's course because it is pretty sparse.
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This totally doesn't count, but I made up the drink "Dirty Hippie" which is one part fresh-squeezed wheatgrass juice and one part really nice vodka. I maintain it's fictional because I suspect fresh-squeezed wheatgrass juice and really nice vodka have never been found in the same room.

I tried it with cheap Green Machine knockoff and Ketel One (the "Dirty Cheating Hippie"). It was vile enough that I'm going to leave the real Dirty Hippie fictional for the foreseeable future.
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kimdog mentioned butter beer from Harry Potter ... also from Harry Potter, there's firewhisky and pumpkin juice, although the latter is supposedly a breakfast drink or soft drink kinda thing.
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Here's a list of food and drinks from Discworld.
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"And now, the Tranya"
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There's "the drink they call loneliness" from Billy Joel's Piano Man.

i'm ordering a 'loneliness' the next time i'm out at the bar.
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In Joann Sfar's Vampire Loves, Ferdinand the Vampire often orders a "Martyri."
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Wheatgrass and vodka? "It's called a lawnmower, I invented it, want one?" says Homer in "When You Dish Upon A Star" from season 10 of The Simpsons.
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From Kelly Link's story, Magic For Beginners :

"I could really go for a nice cold Euphoria right now," Jeremy says. He and Karl are walking home.

Euphoria is: The Librarian's Tonic - When Watchfulness Is Not Enough. There are frequently commercials for Euphoria on The Library. Although no one is exactly sure what Euphoria is for, whether it is alcoholic or caffeinated, what it tastes like, if it is poisonous or delightful, or even whether or not it's carbonated, everyone, including Jeremy, pines for a glass of Euphoria once in a while.
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Would Alice's "Drink Me" count? My roommate also recommends Shoggoth's Old Peculiar from a Neil Gaiman short story of the same name.
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Tom Robbins mentions a Tequila Mockingbird in one of his books, though I'm not sure which one.
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Moloko synthemesc, moloko vellocet and moloko drencrom all contain milk.
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In Pat Murphy's Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell, a character always tries ordering a Flaming Rum Monkey. In the course of the book, a bartender makes up something to fit the description (and the recipe is given.) So it's sort of non-fictitious now, for some value of non-fictitious (which, actually, echoes multiple themes in the book.)
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The Halo 2 ARG ilovebees mentioned Alt Burgundy, a foul-smelling beverage produced on the planet Jericho VII. It was rendered extremely rare after the planet was razed by the Covenant (the game's alien villains).

You can listen to a short discussion of Alt Burgundy (from an excerpt of the ilovebees radio drama) here.
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In 'The Hen', a short story by H.H. Munro (= Saki), Clovis Sangrail invents a cocktail called the Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 'It was partly compounded of old brandy and partly of curacoa; there were other ingredients, but they were never indiscriminately revealed.'

However, I think the prize for Best. Fictional. Cocktail. Evar. goes to Anthony Powell, in Books Do Furnish a Room, where Dickie Umfraville serves a cocktail called 'Death Comes for the Archbishop'.
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Also from the Simpsons: The Forget Me Shot
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FYI: in the appendix of Herbert Asbury's Gangs of New York, he defines Blue Ruin as slang for bad gin. So it's not a fictional drink, really, just outdated slang.
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On behalf of Dune fans everywhere I submit, Spice Beer.

In the books it is highly potent and can catch even seasoned drinkers off guard. Unlike our beer, Spice Beer (made from the also fictional melange) PROLONGS life.
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Here is another list.
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Terry Pratchett's Thud has quite a number of them.
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Response by poster: I just wanted to say...I love you guys.
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We love you, too.

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