Halogens hate me (and the feeling's mutual)
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Help me find decent non-halogen desk lamps.

So one of my six-month-old halogen desk lamps just went dark. Once again, a transformer fizzled. This is the third halogen desk lamp to bite the dust on me in about two years. I've gone from expensive (Tizio from Artemide) to midrange (powder coated aluminum from Costco) to cheap (this latest plastic pair from Ikea). No matter what I buy one of the pair always dies, and it's always the transformer. At the repair shop it's always the same story: It would cost more than the lamp is worth to replace the transformer. (Well, not always. In the case of the Tizio it seems that Tizio transformers are only available from virgin albino trolls and must be installed at a small shop on one of Saturn's moons). And no, it's not the bulbs, and yes, I'm aware that you should never touch them with your bare fingers. At any rate, I'm over halogens.

It's been about two years since the hivemind was solicited for desk lamp recommendations, and at that time the question specified halogens. Since then LED's have matured and entered the market, natural-spectrum fluorescents have become popular, and the ever-dependable incandescents have hung on. So, un-halogen me. What are your recommendations for cool, non-halogen desk lamps?

My taste runs to clean, sleek, and simple designs, what I guess you'd call modern or minimalist. I don't mind spending money for decent quality, and I'm not enough of a snob to turn up my nose to a bargain. Oh, and as for light output: when I turn them on I want to go blind.
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After doing some research on full spectrum lights, I've given the BlueMax 42 Watt Full spectrum Desk Lamp twice and both recipients were pleased.
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I came across this LED clamp-on/weighted base combo lamp the other day and it looks really nice, but somewhat spendy. (alt. vendor)
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I have a Z-Bar LED lamp at work (same manufacturer/style as Rhomboid's link, but I have the "high power" version -- fewew brighter LEDs (differences explained here)), and I like it pretty well. ~$160, great minimal look. It is more of a "pool of light" kind of lamp, rather than a "wow that's a lot of light" kind of lamp -- great for bumping up the light levels in your task area, but if you like sitting at your desk with no other lights on, it may cast a fairly small pool of light for you to work within.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses so far; both look interesting. Hoping for moreā€¦
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