Looking for Art Exhibition CGI video
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I'm looking for a source (video name, who did it, what the music is called, why was it made, is it available online, any other information) of the CGI video that appears at the very start of this YouTube video of Tomorrows World c1984 clip.

I don't know whether it was a Fairlight CVI that created the effect (or CMI in the music) - I'm not that interested if it was / wasn't - I would just like to see the video again I also really liked the music.

I seem to recall it was a SIGGRAPH entrant or something - and the CGI video followed a visitor (or possibly a security guard?) around a (closed?) CGI Art exhibit, as various (famous) paintings came to life around him.

I've looked around the SIGGRAPH sites, but I couldn't find any early videos.

Any pointers gratefully received.
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I'm almost 100% sure this was created by the Moving Picture Company as a promo. You could always try contacting them.
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Response by poster: That certainly sounds familar. I now have Industrial Light and Magic at the back of my mind, too...
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
Here's the video!
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