Something cool and novel for a senior class stone?
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It's customary for each graduating class to present a class stone which is ceremonially imbedded in this path-way at my high school; somehow I got roped into getting the one for '08, and since I have less than a month to figure this out, I could really use some ideas!

In the past people have done pretty cool things - weird glass window cubes; intricate ceramic tiles; something reminiscent of a subway station sign. I go to an international school in Tokyo, so they try and incorporate elements of Japanese culture, but they don't necessarily have to. I could get anything engraved, or carved into stone and I'm sure I could figure out how to do it if I had a really good idea, but I can't think of anything feasible. And uh, people are expecting something epic.

Please, please help!
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It's not a thing, it's a symbol. Forget the stone for a minute and thing about the significant events of your classes last few years either within the class or due to some outside event. When I think back to my high school days I remember a lot of stuff about my personal experiences, but only a few things that I had in common with everybody. That's the kind of thing I'd start with and that might well lead you to an obvious choice.
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I'm not sure how you might incorporate it, but fulgurite , the silica 'stone' created when lightning strikes sand is pretty cool, what with the "high energy"and "leave a mark" symbolism. Maybe encased in clear epoxy resin?
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Wow, I really like that idea. Wish my high school did something like that back in the day. The school has changed so much, it would be nice to have that thing there to sort of have a permanent connection to the place.

I would enlist the help of your graduating class- have them submit ideas and then do something that involves everyone in the selection and design. That way everyone will feel more connected to the thing.

How big is the piece supposed to be? Large enough that every class member could bring in a small object meaningful to them and their time at the school, and then set it into a mosiac of some kind?
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How about a recycled architectural object? Maybe a piece of masonry, or stone from a building that has some direct, or indirect, meaning to your class/community? Given that it is an international school, an architectural fragment could also reference a distant, but relevant place/building.
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How about ordering a small gravestone (with a recognizable shape of course) and having it engraved with something like Renewal Is Progress '08 (R. I. P. '08)?
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I have no idea what your budget might be, but...

1. Japanese cities feature such beautiful manhole covers. What if you checked with those manufacturers about whether they have any samples/rejected designs that might work? You can also find them on ebay.

2. A big chunk of steel either etched in acid or with burnouts would be quick and would be industrial-cool. Any decent machine shop could do it for you.

3. A large fossil?

4. What about an octagon (a stop sign, heh) for '08.
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