Tear apart my songs!
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Where can I find something like Mefi Music, but more... critical?

So, I'm recording various things. I've got a summer in which, when I'm not exhausted by an internship / potential homelessness, I'm planning on recording a lot more, of original compositions.

So, I'd like to try out posting quite a few online, and getting a lot of critical feedback. I'd like something like eatpoo's forums, but for music. And somewhere with a community of fairly like-minded (my music, for ref) people. At least not dominated by 'metalheads'

Any ideas? Or would I just be better off going with a MySpace/Purevolume type affair? (extra points: is there a site like MySpace and Purevolume that 1. Doesn't tear down mp3s to 96kbits and autoplay them and 2. Isn't dominated by... you know)

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..Seems to be what the old godsofmusic.com has become. There was a bit of a wait last time I used this (years ago), but you did end up with a fairly thoughtful review for your time.
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Previously: Are there other online communities like MeFi Music, where people can post songs and get feedback?

In addition to what's mentioned there there's I Make Music, but it's just a message board and doesn't get much traffic.
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AcidPlanet.com. Originally an extension of Sonic Foundry's line of audio editing software, ACID. When I was there circa 2001-04 It was usually amateurs. The best part about it-- you gets lots of feedback, especially if you give others feedback on their work. It takes initiative but turns out to be half the fun of the site. A lot of gems in the ruff. It was a wonderful thing to see these amateurs develop into full blown musicians, moving from the simple loopbased software the site is built on and acquire their own equipment and software. As you develop and learn from each other and eventually do collaborations with the friends that you make.

It has a billboard style ranking for a slew of genres ranging from...everything to everything, Remix contests and useful forums. As you grow in popularity amongst your group even if you got ONE talented bone in your body It feels awesome to get accolades from your peers and eventually the whole site as you watch your name rise on the charts. It was a great experience on a very robust and feature filled, accredited site even after the company was acquired by SONY. My name was dj crest I did reggae and rap. good times.
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Requesting more critical feedback when you post to mifi/music will go a long way. Be careful of what you wish for, however. How deep into the rabbit hole do you want to go?

[Song construction, hook, genre matching, commercial viability?
Performance, lyrics, talent, arrangements, instrumentation?
Songwriting, voice leading, theory, improvisational skills?
Recording/engineering skill, mic choice, mix, tool use, mastering?
Data compression choices, mono compatibility, mastering (yes again) and delivery?

There are folks here at mefi who have beaucoup d'chops. Some of us make a living at some of these things.]
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