Feynman made it too damn easy.
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Quotation-filter. I'm trying to remember how a quotation went concerning Richard Feynman's lectures on physics.

To paraphrase it: "You would be in his lectures believing you could do the physics, but when you went home, you realized you were not Feynman." Anyone have a clue?
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Best answer: "The problem with [The Feynman Lectures on Physics] is you read it, and you say ‘Yes! I understand this! I’m doing physics!’ And then you try to solve a problem, and you find that, well, that you’re not Feynman."

I found it a couple of places online, but this one was first.
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Response by poster: I fail at google. Thanks a bunch, amyms.
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Response by poster: And it looks like it was our very own delmoi saying it.
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The commenter can't be delmoi, he has a different surname. And he only has one comment in that thread.
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Response by poster: Fuck, I read that "Orzel" all wrong. Yeah, no, that's definitely the guy behind Uncertain Principles who I've actually corresponded with. No more late night posting.
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