Docking the Casbah - cell phone at home?
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Any good options to connect a cell phone into a residential phone?

So, I'm moving into a new apartment and miss having the convenience of a residential phone. Which is to say, the phone that will ring that I will hear even if I am 2 rooms away. I'm debating about just plugging my nice landline phone into a Skype adapter, and that'd be cool, but really only works for calling out.
What would be even -better- is if there was a way to plug my cell phone into the residential phone to make and receive calls, like a docking station. Any ideas?
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the phone that will ring that I will hear even if I am 2 rooms away

Can't you just make your celphone ringer louder?
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Check this baby out
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Are you thinking of something like this? (Looks like the domain name is expired at the moment...) But it's basically a cordless cell phone/landline phone in one, with a slot for your SIM card. I've been using one at home for over a year now and haven't had any problems with it.
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I think Mr_chips has the right idea, but that particular system seems way too expensive. Google bluetooth cordless phone and you'll a lot of alternatives. Note that this assumes you have a cell phone with Bluetooth, but almost all phones do these days.
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Hilariously, I wasn't logged in and got to see an adsense ad for this. Seems to be just for what you're looking.
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Dock and Talk was actually the system I was going to suggest, but that Panasonic systems looks pretty intense ( and pretty expensive)
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I swear I just saw this on ask.mefi a few weeks ago, but I can't find the post.. It's there somewhere though!
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This was actually just covered on the show Tekzilla, so if you have a moment, check out last week's episode. One of the best solutions they had and from my rummaging on the internet was from Panasonic (this assumes your cell phone has Bluetooth).
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Grandcentral seems worth mentioning here.
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Grandcentral would require an invite from a current Grandcentral user, or Grandcentral. I'd love to try it, it looks really useful and might solve my problem.
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GrandCentral sadly wouldn't solve the problem since people would have to be calling your GrandCentral number to ring multiple phones.
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I just bought a phone that does exactly what you want, its a portable phone that came with two handsets and if your cellphone has bluetooth you can set the base station up to connect to your cell phone and make the handsets ring, you can even chose to use the landline or the cellphone when making calls too.
I got it from ebay for around $100 dollars or so.
I mainly got it because the portable phones handsets can be used with bluetooth headsets. It was pretty much the only portable homephone that can do that.
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