Coverup at a Wedding
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What wrap or top can I put over this dress to make it okay for a morning wedding in a chapel?

I have this dress, but in white/green. It needs a little altering. I'm more curvy than the model so I look more busty in it.

What wrap or top can I put over this dress to make it okay for a morning wedding in a chapel? The two additional criteria for this wrap or top are, it can't be too hot (I overheat easily) and I have to be able to get my hands on it within two weeks.
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maybe a short sleeved cardigan like this?
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I'd go with a simple white or green sweater tossed over your shoulders.
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I think a little white cardigan would work perfectly. Something like what moxiedoll pointed out.
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Here's a lightweight wrap that comes in a winter white and a lime green. Here's another one in a color called "snow." Here's another white wrap. Good luck!
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Boo, my first link didn't work. Try this.
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See if you can get one in green or a non-white neutral. I know it's just an accessory, but the less white you can wear to someone else's wedding the better.
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Depends on how conservative the church is, but I'd probably put a really cute summerweight jacket on over that dress. This is ridiculously cute. Choose something in linen to combat heat. You could also try a tissue-thin cardigan in cotton or something to make it all a little more casual.

I wouldn't wear a wrap to cover bare shoulders in the morning. That always looks sort of...out of place.
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How about a light bolero/shrug style jacket.




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The style of wrap (like a pashmina) that justonegirl linked will probably be the most versatile for you long term. For the wedding, you can wrap it over your shoulders and around your upper arms and then tie the ends (or have someone else tie them) snug behind your back. This will make the wrap have the look of a shrug, will show off your dress better (without giving it the frump look that cardigans sometimes can) and won't be hot at all. Then you can use it as a scarf/wrap/whatever in the future, probably more than you would if you got a jacket specifically for this outfit. I that is should be any color other than white/ivory, though.
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I have a white linen blazer that I love and get a lot of use out of. Peachfuzz provided the same jcrew link I was going to -- I especially like this one. It comes in petite/tall, and their jackets generally fit my large-ish chest.
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