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Literary Identification, please! Help me remember a passage about the quality of sleep and how it is transcendent when shared. I believe it is in one of the US-public-school-required-reading-by-a-British-guy novels.

I've asked around my friends (and my mom the librarian) and tried searching the intertubes to no avail. My brain keeps telling me it's DH Lawrence, but I can't confirm that (Well, I could re-read all the DH Lawrence I've ever read, but I have other things to read!) The phrase "quality of sleep" sticks with me too, but it could just as easily have been "rest" or not.

Ring any bells, anyone?
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Best answer: This one?

"Paul loved to sleep with his mother. Sleep is still most perfect, in spite of hygienists, when it is shared with a beloved." - Attribution: D.H. (David Herbert) Lawrence (1885–1930), British author. Originally published by Duckworth (1913). Sons and Lovers, ch. 4, Penguin Books (1989). Paul is Paul Morel, the hero.
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Response by poster: Iconomy: yes! Thank you. Awesome!
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Good! FYI, I went to google books advanced search and typed in sleep shared and searched author Lawrence. Here's the whole passage.
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Response by poster: Google books is a thing I never remember exists. Thanks, now I don't have to find my copy and dig out the full passage.
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