Studry wireless internet cam needed
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I want to attach a small (and waterproof) wireless camera to my mischief-seeking dog's collar and have it send images via the internet every 30 seconds so I can keep an eye on him while at work. He is restricted to an area with a maximum distance of about 200 metres from the wireless router. Ideally I could store and review every photograph over the day. How possible is all of that?
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Response by poster: (Uggh. Sturdy even.)
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Have you seen the cat cam?
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I've connected a wireless video camera I bought from Fry's to my dog's collar before and used some shareware software to watch what he was doing online while I was at work.

The max range was about 50 feet, and the 9 volt battery died after about 6-7 hours.

Oh yeah, he pretty much slept all day.

Good luck.
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Seconding cat cam.
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"...mischief-seeking dog..."

And of course you'll upload it to the interwebs and post it in Projects? Oh yes indeedy!
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Keep in mind an image every 30 seconds would be a large amount of data for an 8 hour work shift.
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Each image (320x240) I upload via my webcam is about 22k.

As another user said, this is easily doable, but the batteries will be the biggest challenge.
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The cat cam camera supports a max 512mb card.
That is a shame, because if it supported 2gb, you could use an Eye-Fi card (in conjunction with a computer) to automatically upload photos to the web from the camera. []

I guess you could try a different camera and housing....
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This may be almost exactly what you want: Pet's Eye View Camera.
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