In search of marketing case studies: Traditional vs. New Media
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I'm trying to locate a couple of case studies that speak to old school traditional marketing versus the benefits of new media and integrated marketing campaigns ... especially online marketing. Googling has left me wanting, does anyone know of any such case studies available online?
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I don't know of any case studies but I enjoy being on the email list of this company. Every month or so they send an article about online marketing and the ways the world of marketing is changing in the age of authenticity -- that sort of thing. I met them during a workshop last year and they were astoundingly friendly and web-savvy - maybe shoot them an email and see where they would point you?
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My MA Thesis published DEC. 2008 focuses on newspaper news site's inability to produce sustainable revenue. In it I write about the shift from traditional advertising to online marketing and how newspaper will forever lose that revenue stream.

For example a car dealership or retail store no longer needs to pay for full page ads in newspapers when they can promote their own websites through seo, sem, web2.0 tactics, blah blah blah. Smaller advertisers like a local locksmith only needs free listings like Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Yelp... etc...

You may find something here or in my index.
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