Which boardshorts might fit me?
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I need new boardshorts, but I'm a short guy with a short torso and skinny legs.

I need new boardshorts, but they have to be low-rise/slim enough that I can go up a size without feeling like I'm wearing a parachute. I'm a 5'6" guy with a short torso, a 34" waist, and thin legs. Every pair of boardshorts I've tried seems to have been made for longer-bodied and/or stockier men. Wasn't a problem when I was a skinny high schooler - just wore 'em a little baggy. Now I have a 34" waist and trying on boardshorts is like wrapping a parachute around my waist. So cut has become important.

For example, I can wear Levi 514s in 34 (slim fit low rise), and they fit me like regular rise pants fit regular men. But for the 501s, the higher rise puts them way up at my bellybutton. This necessitates going up to a 36, which is too big in every way. Wearing them lower, where I want them, makes them sag.

Can someone please suggest some new brands I could try? I'm intrigued by Birdwells but am concerned the rise will be too long and therefore the shorts will be too baggy.
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You're built like several of my friends and fellow former lifeguards. Classic Birdwells fit them perfectly.

The thing about Birdwells that you'll have to keep in mind when trying them on is: they're like a good pair of jeans. They may fit just so-so for the first month or two of wear, but by the 6 month mark, they're like an extension of your body.
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