How did I screw up my Vista toolbar?
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I was working on a paper last night, basically half dead, and somehow I managed to change my toolbar. Here is a picture (Click on it for a close up with a helpful paint arrow). Instead of being a row of my windows, it now shows two of the windows open (icon only) with a scroll bar on the right side. I have Vista Home Premium 32. This is a major annoyance because I'm trying to write papers and I have about a billion windows open, so any help received, I'm grateful for.
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Um, you might consider hosting your image on a different site. The other "images you might also like" are NSFW and kind of gross.
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Not 100% sure, but I'd try right click on the tool bar, unlock it, then move the taskbar back somewhere reasonable.
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It looks like you grabbed the righthand border of the quicklaunch bar (those icons on the left) and moved it as far as it would go to the right side of the screen. Make sure your taskbar is not locked by right clicking it and verify there's no checkmark by the "Lock taskbar" setting. As long as you're good there, try grabbing that border line to the left of the two application icons and moving it back towards the left side of the screen where your set of quicklaunch icons are.
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Sorry, KokuRyu, I couldn't remember my photobucket account details, and I didn't want to stick this in my flickr page. Tinypic was all I could think of. Thanks for the help, problem is fixed!
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