Where to find an awesome folding desk?
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Where can I buy an awesome, folding, secretary-style desk with a closeable writing surface?

I need a new desk, but I want something small that I can close up to hide my mess.
I kind of dig this one because of the size, price, and good reviews, but I'm not a huge fan of the ornate carvings.
Space-wise, I'd just like to be able to put my laptop in it closed, shut the desk, and leave it charging. I don't mind drilling cord holes. I've been to several furniture stores in my area and they don't really carry this sort of thing; in my town people all have mini-mansions and want BIG furniture. IKEA's options didn't really suit me either, they are all either too tall (It's going in front of a window that I don't want entirely blocked by an 8' cabinet) or too flimsy (PLASTIC hinges to hold up the writing surface!? Insanity!) Also, most everything was designed to hold a computer tower and large monitor, and I don't need anything like that.
Where can I find a descent looking desk without scouring antique stores and paying $900? I have a budget of up to about $350 but prefer to keep it to around $250.
I live in Houston, TX.
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West Elm has a couple of options that are slide out (one with legs and wheels, not just rails) instead of closing up - I know you were interested in hiding the mess, but you may find these interesting.
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eBay? Secretary desk, rolltop desk, davenport, etc.
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I have one of these, rather happy with it. The keyboard tray would hold your closed laptop.
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Response by poster: Great recommendations so far! Thanks!
I'll keep an eye on ebay for a while. It's hard to find things close enough to pick up or with cheap enough shipping to make it worthwhile, but there are a few good options on there. I never thought to buy furniture on ebay!
Anyone with another suggestion please chime in.
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If the IKEA desk is fine except for the plastic hinges, get that and buy some metal hinges at the hardware store.
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Ballard Designs has one.
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