Typepad to Wordpress conversion problems...
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Just converted a Typepad blog to Wordpress 2.5, now users get a 404 when they try to view single posts (or categories) if they're not logged on as admin... The posts on the homepage show up, but no where else...

What's the deal? I've tried deactivating all plugins... I'm using the abstrakt3 theme that came with 2.5 (I've modified it quite a bit...) My google-fu is failing me. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

the site
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It sounds like you need to set up a .htaccess file. Google 'wordpress htaccess' for various
types of help...
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Response by poster: You're right. My .htaccess file is gone. That really sucks because I head setup a bunch of redirects already...

The only thing I've done today is delete all my posts, the re-import them (had to change some links that were hard-coded). I also deleted the categories (in a rush, did it by accident...)

Why would either of those actions delete my htaccess file?
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If you're stuck and want to use Movable Type (which might be a good option if you want features TypePad doesn't have), the TypePad team can help support you migrating to MT, assuming your TypePad account is still active. I work with both teams and am happy to help if you need.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the offer anildash, but it's not my blog. It's my client that would need to make the decision!

Does anyone else have any suggestions as to why my .htaccess file suddenly up and split town?
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